AI Mindmap Generator

"Can Mergeflow help me map out my topic somehow?"

Yes, it can.

As soon as you start typing, you'll see a little brain icon appear in the search bar:

When you click the icon, Mergeflow will produce a short description and a mindmap for your query. For the "battery membranes" example, the result will look something like this:

The description

You can easily copy+paste the description by using the "Copy text to clipboard" icon:

If the description contains a word or phrase that you want to search for in Mergeflow, simply mark the text and then use the "Search in Mergeflow" widget:

The mindmap

The mindmap underneath the description helps you contextualize and map out the topic of your search query.

The AI Mindmap Generator is like a digital thought partner. It helps you structure and brainstorm a topic--in a way that's orders of magnitude faster and more affordable than hiring consultants, or running endless brainstorming sessions.

The mindmap typically contains subtopics & examples, categories, technologies that are relevant in the context of your queries, and some companies.

You can simply click on each of the results to search for them in Mergeflow.

Notice that not all mindmaps might always contain every category. And the mindmap might not always look the same for a given topic. This is because the underlying technology isn't a simple "if-then-else-system" that always gives the same answers. Rather it uses very complex statistics that help the model generate what it considers a "most likely appropriate" answer to for your query.

Some examples of the AI mindmap generator in action

Our AI mindmap generator is quite versatile. It works quite well for many different kinds of topics. Just to give you an idea, below are some examples. Some are quite specific, and others very general:

Synthetic biology for new materials

Additive manufacturing

Epigenome editing

Factory automation


What's under the hood of the AI mindmap generator?

The AI mindmap generator uses a state-of-the-art language model. Technically, a language model is a very sophisticated probability distribution over sequences of words. Without going into details here, this means that the texts produced by the AI mindmap generator are not always the same, even if you give it the same input. Think "probabilities", not "certainties".

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