Mergeflow newsroom

When you follow topics in Mergeflow, you receive weekly email updates on recent developments within your topics. These updates cover what happened over the past week.

By contrast, the newsroom covers what's happened in your topics over the past month.

The newsroom user interface

You can access your newsroom via the top menu:

When you go to your newsroom, you can select a data set on the left. The tag cloud shows the topics you're following. Bigger font size means more news on a topic.

When you select a topic, only those tags remain active that occur in your documents selection. And each document shows you the topic(s) in which it occurs.

How often are newsroom data updated?

Newsroom data are updated once per day. So when you follow a new topic, modify a topic you're following, or when you unfollow a topic, your newsroom will reflect these changes on the following day.

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