Weekly360s vs. Focus360s

When you follow topics in Mergeflow, you get automated email update reports on what's happening within and across your topics. We call these emails Weekly360s, and you can read more about them in this FAQ article.

Weekly360s aggregate news from across all the topics you follow. We aggregate updates across your topics so that you don't get too many emails. For example, if you follow 20 or 30 topics, you probably don't want to get 20 or 30 emails per week, one for each topic.

But sometimes you probably do want to get dedicated updates on a specific topic. For example, if you and your team are actively working on a specific topic, it's useful to have all the updates pertaining to this topic in one place. For this purpose, we created Focus360s. Focus360s are emails that include everything about a specific topic.

You can choose the day of the week when you want to receive Focus360s. For example, if you and your team are working on a specific topic, you might have regular (e.g. weekly) meetings in which you discuss your progress regarding the topic. And then it probably makes sense to get Focus360s either on the day of this meeting, or perhaps the day before (so you can prepare).

Here is how you can get Focus360s:

In order to get Focus360s, go to "My topics". You can get there either from the top left menu...

...or from the "My topics" tile:

Then, you can toggle on or off your topic (by clicking the bell icon), and select a day of the week for your Focus360:

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