Entity types via the API

The tagcat parameter specifies the entity class. Currently the following entity classes are available:

Entity Class Description
Anatomy Entities related to anatomy, e.g. blood, neurons, etc.
Company Companies
Country Countries
Disease Diseases
Spotlight Emerging technology (click here to see the topics)
Event Events like conferences
FinancialInstitution Financial investors and institutions 
IPC International Patent Classification (using CPC codes)
Location Locations, mainly names of towns and cities
Material Chemical compounds, as described e.g. in PubChem
Organism Entities related to organisms, e.g. bacteria, rats, Staphylococcus
Organization Governmental and research institutions, universities
Person Names of persons

Entity classes can be combined with the pipe operator, e.g. tagcat=Company|Person. This is useful to analyze the relationship between entities.

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