How to use the notebook in Mergeflow

The notebook is where you can collect up to 15 documents.

Why does the notebook only have room for 15 documents?

We made a conscious design decision here. This is not some kind of system limit.

We built the notebook with the following use case in mind:

In my role as a scientist, engineer, product manager, or entrepreneur, my goal is to discover relevant findings that help me build a product, identify new markets, etc.

In other words, we think that collecting information is a means to an end, not an end in itself. And we think that if you're limited in how many documents you can collect, it automatically helps you prioritize the important ones. Also, note that you can always export your notebook as an Excel sheet (see below for how this works).

If you want to do more--collect and organize your findings, add comments or input from others--we have some best practice recommendations for you here: How you can organize your Mergeflow findings, using tools you already have–without ending up in ‘information management process hell’

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How the notebook works

You can access your notebook in the main menu (-> red arrow):

In order to add a document to your notebook, click this icon... to a document.

Once you add a document to your notebook, the icon is colored solid, like this:

When you open your notebook, you can export all its entries as an Excel sheet:

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