Real-Time Dashboard Solution

The Real-Time Dashboard Solution is a configured software solution. Dashboards use data from Mergeflow, apply additional business logics to the data, and then display them in a customizable view.

What's included

Based on the description of the topic(s) that you would like to display on your dashboard, we will set up the display components of your dashboard.

The finished dashboard will be accessible to anybody who has the link (URL).

The process

  1. In a free 30-minute web meeting, we discuss the topics and the layout features that you would like to display on your dashboard. The goals of the web meeting are (1) to achieve a "go / no go" decision on the project; (2) determine the scope and direction of the project.
  2. If there is a "go" decision, we will send you an official quotation for a Real-Time Dashboard Solution via Email as an electronic document (e.g. PDF), within 24 hours of the initial web meeting.
  3. Once we have your official "go", for example a purchase order, we proceed.
  4. Based on your input, we will build a real-time dashboard for you. A dashboard can address up to five different topics. The dashboard is designed such that the topics rotate; each topic is on display for 30 seconds. But it is also possible to scroll through the topics manually.
  5. We will make the dashboard available via secret URL. This means that anybody who has access to the URL can view your dashboard. If you prefer different access options for your dashboard, we can discuss them during the initial 30-minute web meeting (Step 1). Depending on requirements, this may incur additional costs.

Once we have your official "go" for the project (Step 3), the process typically takes  one week to complete.

The dashboard will be available to you as long as you have a Mergeflow subscription.

Should you cancel your Mergeflow subscription, we will delete your dashboard.


The Real-Time Dashboard Solution has a  fixed price of €2,900 (excluding applicable sales tax). Our Team subscription plan includes one real-time dashboard per year.

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