Grid Search Solution

Mergeflow Grid Search is a configured software solution. You can find more details about Grid Search by clicking here.

What's included

Based on your description of the topic(s) that you would like to address, we build queries that will be used for the Grid.

The finished Grid will be available within your Mergeflow account. You do not install anything on your device.

If you have colleagues who also have a Mergeflow subscription, we can make the Grid available to them as well, if you like.

The process

  1. In a free 30-minute web meeting, we discuss what questions you would like to address with a Grid Search. We also talk about potential roadblocks to a successful Grid Search project. The goals of the web meeting are (1) to achieve a "go / no go" decision on the project; (2) determine the scope and direction of the project.
  2. If there is a "go" decision, we will send you an official quotation for a Grid Search Solution via Email as an electronic document (e.g. PDF), within 24 hours of the initial web meeting.
  3. Once we have your official "go", for example a purchase order, we proceed.
  4. Based on your input and on your goals, we will build a Grid for you. This could be several Grids, if different Mergeflow data sets should be analyzed, each via its own Grid. For example, you might want to have a Grid for Scientific Publications data, and another one for Venture Capital Investments.
  5. We will make the Grid(s) available within your Mergeflow account. It is also possible to make the Grid(s) available to additional colleagues (a Mergeflow subscription is required in order to be able to access Grids). 
  6. We arrange another 30-minute web meeting. In this web meeting, we show you recommendations for how you can address your questions with the Grid(s).This web meeting can be recorded, and the recording shared with you, if you like.

Once we have your official "go" for the project (Step 3), the process typically takes  one week to complete.

The Grid will be available to you as long as you have a Mergeflow subscription.

Should you cancel your Mergeflow subscription, we will delete your Grid.


The Grid Search Solution has a  fixed price of €4,900 (excluding applicable sales tax). Our Team subscription plan includes one grid search per year.

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