Custom Data Package

The Custom Data Package is our service package for setting up a custom data set for you. We will process your data set with Mergeflow's analytics, if necessary with some customization, and make the results available to you (but nobody else) in your Mergeflow account. You can then use all of Mergeflow's visualizations and other user interface components to explore your data set, along with all other Mergeflow data sets.

What's included

The Custom Data Package includes the processing of machine-readable (i.e. not scanned-in) documents.

Custom modifications or additions to Mergeflow's analytics pipeline are included, as long as they are not major upgrades. A major upgrade would be "detecting completely new types of entities that Mergeflow cannot analyze at all currently", for example.

The process

  1. In a 30-minute web meeting, we discuss what kinds of analyses you would like to do with your data set. Also, we talk about the properties of your data set (size and format mostly). And we discuss potential roadblocks that may stand in the way of successful completion of the Custom Data Package service (e.g. access right issues that may affect your data set). This web meeting is for free. After all, if we identify a no-go roadblock, we do not want you to launch into an impossible project.
  2. If we did not identify a no-go roadblock, we will send you an official quotation for the Custom Data Package, by email, as an electronic document (e.g. PDF). You will have our quotation within 24 hours of the initial web meeting.
  3. Once we have your official "go", for example a purchase order, we proceed.
  4. You make your data set available to us. A good way to do this is a secure file sharing system, for example. In our experience, companies typically have such systems in place. If not, we will find an alternative way.
  5. We feed your data through our analytics pipeline. If necessary, we make custom modifications or additions to the analytics pipeline.
  6. We make your data set available to you (but to nobody else), so that you can explore your data via your standard Mergeflow access at
  7. We arrange another 30-minute web meeting. In this web meeting, we show you how you can best explore your custom data set. This web meeting can be recorded, and the recording shared with you, if you like.

Once we have your official "go" for the project (Step 3), the process typically takes one week to complete.

Your custom data set will be available to you as long as you have a Mergeflow subscription.

Should you cancel your Mergeflow subscription, we will delete your custom data set.

If at any point you ask us to, we will delete your custom data set.

Who owns a custom data set?

You do. Nobody else does.


The Custom Data Package has a fixed price of €6,900 (excluding applicable sales tax).

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