Real-time dashboards

Real-time dashboards are a configured solution by Mergeflow. They draw data from Mergeflow's API, apply additional business logics to the data, and then display them in a customizable view.

Our Team subscription plan includes one dashboard per year. With our other subscription plans, you can buy a Real-Time Dashboard Solution separately.

We have built a demo dashboard with findings from across various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this demo, we included the SDGs Clean Water, Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities, and Responsible Production. You can access the demo by clicking here. Here is what the dashboard looks like:

Setting up a real-time dashboard is done in collaboration between you and us. Here is how it works:

  1. You define the topic(s) that you would like to have covered on your dashboard. This topic definition can either be in the form of Mergeflow queries, or a short, 1-3 sentences, free-text description.
  2. One of our team members arranges a 20-minute web meeting with you to discuss open questions as well as the layout options for your real-time dashboard.
  3. Our team member sets up the dashboard for you, and sends you the URL at which you can access the dashboard.

Dashboards can be accessed via any modern web browser.

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