API overview

The mergeflow.net web application offers access to technology and business data sets for registered users. Depending on the goals of the analyses, users can pivot and visualize information, using an appropriate form of display.

While Mergeflow's web application provides access via a human user interface, the API provides access to Mergeflow's data and structured analysis results to other software applications.  

Examples of API use cases

  • Integration of Mergeflow data and structured analysis results into other web applications.
  • Integration of Mergeflow data into web or intranet sites, using a custom layout and design.
  • Smartphone applications optimized for mobile usage.

Current limitations

The data returned by the API is only available in the JSON format.

For every request, the number of items returned is limited. Currently there is no way to retrieve data beyond those limits. Unfiltered requests (i.e. no keyword or source filter parameters) to the API are not allowed and will result in a HTTP 400 Bad Request response.

The API cannot be used to create or modify repositories or any other data of the application.

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