Entity types available in Mergeflow

Currently, Mergeflow's analytics detect the following entity types in texts:


Anatomical parts of organisms, as defined by the NIH's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).


Names of companies, including new, never-before-seen ones. Our algorithms usually merge several legal entities of the same organization into one company name. For example, "Siemens AG", "Siemens Austria GmbH", "Siemens USA LLC" etc. would all be considered "Siemens".


Names of countries mentioned in texts, not the source. For example, if a source from Japan mentions "Switzerland" in an article, the country would be "Switzerland", not "Japan".


Diseases as defined by the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases, ICD-10.

Emerging Technology

Mergeflow has semantic models for more than 200 emerging or potentially disruptive technologies, from across various industries, including aerospace, agriculture, computing, energy, manufacturing, materials, medical, and transportation. A table with the current list of models is available here


Events in Mergeflow are trade fairs and conferences.


This includes mostly venture capital investors.


Locations are mostly cities. As with countries, what is tagged is what is mentioned in a source, not the location of the source itself.


Materials are chemical molecules. In order to determine whether or not something is a chemical molecule, we use the PubChem database as reference. If the term under consideration can be found in PubChem, we consider it a molecule.


For our definition of "organism", we use MeSH categories as reference.


Organizations in Mergeflow are mostly universities and R&D institutions. If an organization is recognizable as a company, it is tagged as "company", not as "organization".

Patent Class

Mergeflow uses the CPC classification system, down to the "subclass" hierarchy level (e.g. "A61B" or "C01D"). Mergeflow's algorithms tag all non-patent documents with patent classes. For patent documents, we use the patent class labels provided by the European Patent Office's DOCDB data set.


Mergeflow detects names of people, including names it has never seen before.