Network graphs

From tag clouds in Mergeflow, you can open a network graph by clicking the "network graph" icon...

...which is displayed next to the tag cloud:

This example tag cloud is for patents in CRISPR.

In the network graph, you can then select one or two entity classes to be included in the graph:

If in our CRISPR patents example you select "Person" and "Company", for instance, you can see networks of inventors at companies:

Green are company names, and red are people; colors of entities are shown in the menu above the graph:

There is a connection between any two entities if they are mentioned in a common context (e.g. as co-inventors). The thicker the connection, the more common contexts are shared by any two entities.

Node diameter reflects number of documents associated with the node (bigger node -> more documents). Line width or thickness reflects number of common documents (thicker line -> more common documents).

You can click on any entity to get to documents containing the entity, or on a connection between two entities to get to documents containing both connected entities.

By right-clicking on an entity, you can remove the entity node from the graph display.

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