Market data charts in Mergeflow

For market estimates, Mergeflow's 360° view shows three different charts, "distribution of market estimates", "largest markets in the context", "fastest-growing markets in the context". In addition, a tag cloud shows you the names of companies that play a role in those markets.

Mergeflow's analytics extracts market size and growth estimates as well as market segment names from news, press releases, and other texts (i.e. we do not use structured databases for this as input).

The example charts below are from a search for CRISPR.

Distribution of market estimates

Here is the distribution of market estimates chart for CRISPR:

Each data point represents one CRISPR market estimate. When you move your mouse over a data point, you can see details of this particular estimate. Clicking on the data point takes you to the documents from which Mergeflow's analytics extracted the data. It is possible that one market estimate was extracted from more than one document. In this case, the chart will de-duplicate the market estimate, but only if market segment, size and growth estimate are all identical.

You can use the distribution chart to get a sense of "analyst consensus" for your topic's market.

Notice that the x-axis in the chart uses a log scale but the y-axis uses a linear scale.


The "companies" tag cloud shows you the names of companies that are seen as relevant across your topic's markets. Bigger font size means that a company is seen as relevant in more market estimates.

For example, below is a screenshot of companies for the topic CRISPR:

Largest markets in the context of your search

If for example you search for CRISPR, and a news text, website, PR release etc. matches your search and also talks about, for instance, the "Asia Pacific healthcare" market, Mergeflow's analytics detects this and extracts this market estimate. We call such market estimates "context estimates" because they do not directly match your search, but are relevant in the context. Context estimates can be a great way of discovering applications for a technology, or just in general get a better sense of the broader business context of your search.

You can read in more detail how context markets can support your tech discovery endeavors, in our blog article 'How to get better search results for tech discovery'.

The 360° view shows the top-7 largest context estimates, here for our CRISPR example:

Click on any of the bars to get to the underlying data (i.e. the documents from which the estimate was extracted).

Fastest-growing markets in the context of your search

Similar to the top-7 largest context estimates, Mergeflow's 360° view also shows the top-7 fastest-growing context estimates (screenshot again from our CRISPR example):

Notice that market estimates appear in both the largest and fastest-growing chart if they are among the top-7 in both categories.

Clicking the "show details" link in the 360° view Markets section...

...will open a new view with the same data as in the chart, but then as a table. The table data can be exported as a CSV for further processing in spreadsheets etc..

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