Investment charts

For Venture Capital and Research Projects, Mergeflow's 360° view has interactive charts. The data for these charts are extracted from news, websites, and other texts. Mergeflow's algorithms de-duplicate the data (e.g. if an investment of $20Mio is reported by 5 sources, the investment sum in the chart should still be $20Mio and not $100Mio). Additionally, there are some sanity checks in place (e.g. if a venture capital investment is above a certain amount, it is flagged for review).

Here is an example of a Venture Capital chart, for the topic Materials Discovery (screenshot from 03 2020):

In the chart, every bar represents one investment and the company that received the investment (in the case of Research Projects, the funded entities can be companies, research organizations, consortia, or projects). In the example above, you can see, for instance, that Citrine Informatics received two funding rounds, one in 2018, and one in 2019.

You can click on each data point to get to the underlying data, such as news and other texts from which Mergeflow's analytics extracted the data.

The gray area represents the running total of all fundings, and it is drawn against the left y-axis. The right y-axis is used for the individual investments.

Clicking the "show details" link...

...will open a new view with the same data as in the chart, but then as a table. The table data can be exported as a CSV for further processing in spreadsheets etc..

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