Sparkline charts in the 360° view

For Patents, Science Publications, Technology Blogs, Industry News, and Clinical Trials, the 360° view has small sparkline charts.

Sparklines show monthly numbers of documents. For example, when searching for E-Waste, the Science Publications sparkline charts looks like this (in 03 2020):

You can export sparkline data to Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

You can copy the data from the sparkline to your clipboard once you move your mouse over the chart:

Then you can paste the data into a spreadsheet, for example, and do further analyses and charts there.

Patents are a bit different

Patents work a bit differently. There, we count patent families rather than individual patent publications. A patent family usually comprises a set of patent publications, such as filings across various jurisdictions. Also, it is important to note that patent sparkline curves usually tamper off during most recent months. This is because of the time lag between when a patent is filed and when it is published. This time lag can be up to 18 months.

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