Delta-t: Compare topic developments over time

For any set of topics you follow, Mergeflow's Delta-t tool shows you the development over time (= the last five years) of the following Mergeflow data sets:

  • Scientific Publications
  • Technology Blogs
  • Patents
  • Industry News
  • Venture Capital Investments

Delta-t lets you see how topics have developed, not just along one dimension (e.g. "just patents" or "just science") but 360°, across R&D, investments, news, and patents. This lets you distinguish between, for example:

  • "Ivory tower topics", which are strong only in Scientific Publications.
  • "Bubble topics", which tend to be strong only in Technology Blogs and perhaps Venture Capital Investments.
  • "Mainstream topics", which are equally strong across all types of data or signals.
  • "Emerging topics", which tend to show a recent rise in one type of data or signal.

How exactly you categorize topics depends on a number of things. For example, there are some technology fields or industries that lend themselves more to venture capital investments (e.g. software) than others (e.g. some hardware-heavy technologies). Likewise, patents tend to play a stronger role in "tangible innovations" (e.g. materials). These are among the factors you should consider when setting up a topic categorization scheme that works for you.

In order to add topics to Delta-t, go to Manage my Topics...

...and toggle the "Delta-t" button for those topics that you want to add to Delta-t:

Our blog has an article that describes an example use case for Delta-t:

Prioritizing corporate R&D topics

The article describes how one could use Delta-t to prioritize various machine learning applications ("robotics", "manufacturing", "cybersecurity", "autonomous transport and logistics", and "power generation and distribution"). Here is the Delta-t screenshot from the article:

The chart has quarters, from 2016 until end of 2019, and each topic is represented by one color data series. For example, you can see that “Machine Learning for Robotics” dominates overall. Then, each bar in the chart is a composite of the signals listed above:

Venture Capital Investments are circles because they are a different unit ("USD" rather than "number of mentions").

For more details, and the full story, please check out the blog article.

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