How you can share search results with others

In order to share search results with others, Mergeflow lets you make data snapshots called "360° Reports".

360° Reports are an easy way to share search results with your colleagues. In order to create 360° Reports in Mergeflow, you need either a Premium Plan or a Team Plan Mergeflow subscription.

Watch the video below to see how you can create a 360° Report:

As an example, here is a screenshot of a 360° Report on carbon removal and capture that we made for a recent blog post:

Please note that for viewing 360° Reports, we recommend using a browser other than Internet Explorer, particularly older IE versions. These IE versions tend to have issues with JavaScript. This can cause 360° Reports to not display correctly.

You can create Reports for any 360° view by clicking "Create Report":

Then, enter a title (required) and perhaps also a description (optional):

Please note that anyone who has the link will be able to access (read-only) your report later, no sign-in required.

Anyone who looks at the report but has no Mergeflow subscription will be able to follow the links to the documents in the Patents, Science Publications, Technology Licensing, Technology Blogs, Industry News, and Clinical Trials section (notice that depending on your topic, not every one of these sections will be there, e.g. if your topic has no clinical trials, the report will not show a Clinical Trials section). Following the other links, such as a company in a chart, a market segment, or a keyword in a tag cloud, requires a Mergeflow subscription.

The report will be a snapshot of the 360° view from which you created it, and can be shared by sending the link, cf. red arrow in the screenshot below:

You can overwrite existing reports. You may wish to do so in case you changed the underlying query, or if you want to get more recent data for your report. In order to overwrite an existing report, create a new one and use the same name as the report you want to overwrite (you will be prompted to agree to overwriting the old report).

You can access all your existing reports under My Reports. You can delete reports there as well:

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