How you can share search results with others

You can create a snapshot of your search results, and then share this snapshot with others. Here is how it works:

In your search result page, click 'Create Report':

Then, Mergeflow creates a title and a description for your report. You can edit both the title and the description if you like. When you're done editing, click 'Continue':

That's it, your report is now ready.

You can share your report with others by sending them the link to your report:

You can see the example report from the screenshot above by clicking on this link:

Please note that anyone who has the link will be able to access (read-only) your report later, no sign-in required.

Anyone who looks at the report but has no Mergeflow subscription will be able to follow the links to the documents in the Patents, Science Publications, Technology Licensing, Technology Blogs, Industry News, and Clinical Trials section (notice that depending on your topic, not every one of these sections will be there, e.g. if your topic has no clinical trials, the report will not show a Clinical Trials section). Following the other links, such as a company in a chart, a market segment, or a keyword in a tag cloud, requires a Mergeflow subscription.

You can manage all your existing reports by clicking on 'Reports' in the top menu:

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