How 'Mergeflow Emerging Tech' topics help you discover and explore

Emerging Tech topics are semantic models for more than 200 technologies from across various industries and technology fields.

“Emerging” means “shows strong momentum” in Mergeflow, not necessarily “brand-new”.

You can access Emerging Tech topics in a number of different ways:

Explore all Emerging Tech topics

You can see all Emerging Tech topics by clicking on "Explore emerging tech..." above the search bar:

This opens a popup window, where you can explore Emerging Tech topics by category:

Find Emerging Tech topics related to your topic

Let's say you are interested in machine learning. As soon as you type your query, you can see related Emerging Tech topics in the suggestions:

Find Emerging Tech topics by category

If you are interested in a certain Emerging Tech category, for example "Materials Science", you can type this into the search box:

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