How to follow topics

In order to follow a topic in Mergeflow, click "Follow":

When you follow a topic, you will get weekly email update reports on your topic. We call these email update reports Weekly360s. Weekly360s send you updates on new venture fundings, research, market estimates, and news & blogs. You only get Weekly360 emails when something happened over the past week. So, if you do not get a Weekly360 for a topic, this means that nothing happened in this topic over the course of the past week.

The Weekly360 emails you will get from Mergeflow

Once you start following topics, you will get four Weekly360s each week:

(1) Venture Capital Investments

This Weekly360 tells you about all the latest VC investments across your topics.

(2) Market Estimates

The Market Estimates Weekly360 informs you about new market estimates (market segments, sizes, and growth rates) from across your topics.

(3) R&D

The R&D Weekly360 sends you new scientific publications from journals, conference proceedings, and preprint servers.

(4) News & Blogs

In the News & Blogs Weekly360, you get the latest mainstream news and tech blog articles from across your topics.

If a finding (e.g. a venture funding or an R&D paper) is relevant to more than one of your topics, this will be indicated in your Weekly360. This helps you discover connections between your topics. You can see an example of this below:

In this R&D Weekly360, the green labels indicate the topics to which each finding is relevant. The first finding is relevant to "Wearables" and to "Machine Learning", for example.

How you can get dedicated Weekly360s for individual topics

Sometimes you might want to get individual topic Weekly360s, in addition to the "general" ones described above. This might be useful, for instance, if you have a general interest in e.g. 20 topics but are actively working on three of these topics. In this case, you might want to get dedicated updates for your three "focus topics", in addition to the more general Weekly360s described above.

In order to get individual topic Weekly360s (we call them Focus360s), go to "My Topics". You can get there either from the top left menu...

...or from the "Topics" tile:

Then, you can toggle on or off your topic (by clicking the bell icon), and select a day of the week for your Focus360:

If you use Mergeflow as part of a team

If you are part of a team in Mergeflow (see our Team subscription plan for more details), your Weekly360s will also include findings from across your team's topics. But these team findings only show up in your own Weekly360s if they are also relevant to at least one of your own topics. So if all your team members follow very distinct topics, and there is no overlap between your topics, you do not spam each other's email inboxes with irrelevant findings.

What if I don't want to follow a topic anymore?

If at some point you do not want to follow a topic anymore, go to "My Topics", and unfollow the topic.

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