Custom data sets

All data sets listed here are available to all Mergeflow users.

Optionally, Mergeflow can analyze data sets provided by customers. Such custom data sets are fed through Mergeflow's analytics pipeline. But unlike our general data sets, custom data sets are not accessible to any other Mergeflow users, except their owners (you, not Mergeflow or anybody else, owns custom data sets).

Here are examples of what custom data sets could be:

Submissions to an idea contest

You just ran an idea contest in your company. Let's say you got 1,000 or 2,000 idea submissions. Analyzing these submissions manually is extremely laborious. By feeding them through Mergeflow's analytics and making them available as a custom data set, you can explore concepts and use all the interactive visualizations available in Mergeflow to navigate your data. Or you can explore the outside contexts of the submissions, e.g. topically related companies, people, patents, etc..

Document collections

Document collections could be papers, reports, etc. that you have available electronically. Similar to the idea contest submissions example above, applying Mergeflow's analytics and user interface to your document collection enables you to explore your document collection effectively.

Possible custom data set formats

Contents for custom data sets can be in any machine-readable format. For example, HTML, XML, MS Office documents, PDFs. Currently we do not have capabilities for non-machine-readable contents, such as scanned documents.

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