AI Content Explainer

Even if you are an expert in a topic, it can be difficult to dig through piles of abstracts, news, or company descriptions. That's why our AI Content Explainer gives you bullet points that help you decide if that content is worth your time.

The AI Explainer takes content from Mergeflow, feeds this content through a customized large language model, and then generates bullet points. This means that the AI Explainer is grounded in facts (the content from Mergeflow) and doesn't just hallucinate something.

Where you can find the AI Explainer

The AI Explainer is available in all data set views, i.e. the views you see when you click "Explore more" for any data set:

Then, you can either use the Explain button to batch-explain the first 10 contents, or the wand icon to explain a single piece of content:

For document list views such as Science Publications, it looks like this:

The AI Explainer in action

The AI Explainer produces different kinds of bullet points, depending on the content.

For example, for companies that received VC funding, it extracts:

  • the technology used by the company
  • the problem they solve
  • organizations that are either customers, investors, or partners.

So you can go from this table with long, often hard-to-read contexts... the table below, with easy-to-read bullet points for each company:

And for scientific publications, it extracts:

  • the problem addressed by the research
  • the proposed solution
  • applications

For example, the AI Explainer turns this...

...into this:

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