Mergeflow's chat is your "digital thought partner". It comes with a set of prebuilt prompts that help you guide the chat toward better, more productive responses. These prebuilt prompts include commands for expressing a topic in different language, making mindmaps, discovering cross-industry applications of a technology, and more.

You can access our prebuilt prompts by clicking on "Browse prompts":

Click "Browse prompts" to get to the collection of prebuilt prompts.

We will be adding more prebuilt prompts over time -- heres is our current (= May 2023) collection:

And here is a short, 37-seconds, video of Mergeflow's chat in action:

Useful commands for the chat

"list some more"

Let's say you used the "What technologies do I need for [technology]?" prebuilt prompt. The response might look like this:

You could then simply say "list some more", to get the chat to continue this list:

"focus on..."

Now, let's say you decided you want to explore the "Materials" suggestion in a bit more detail. To do this, you could ask "focus on materials":

The chat does not have access to Mergeflow data (yet)

In its current version, the chat cannot access Mergeflow data. So, while it can help guide your searches in Mergeflow, it would not make sense to ask it about results you see in Mergeflow — simply because the chat doesn't have access to these data.

We keep your data private

The current version of the chat is built on top of Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Services. This means that none of the data you enter into the chat is used for training any models. And the entire chat session state (= what you type into the chat, and the responses you get back) lives entirely within Mergeflow.

Furthermore, we do not send any information about you to Microsoft's API. So, while the chat "greets you" with your name, this information is only taken from your Mergeflow login data, and it lives entirely within Mergeflow.

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